Keep me in prayers this morning please

Hi Everyone! I went and had my CT on my lungs last week. I go today and find out if this lymph node has grown. I guess it had grown to the point where they usually biopsy but wanted to wait 3 months to see if its growing more . He said it was in a bad place. It would be that  they had to put an ultra sound on the scope to find where it is...  He also said that if it was cancer he would have to take the whole lung.He also said he didn't think it was cancer. My oncologist sided with waiting 3 months so that's what I did..I have kept myself distracted  and now this morning I am getting yantzee.. I just want to know I am fine and that's what I have been praying for in Jesus name. Keep me in your prayers and I will let you know the good news later on today...hugs and love and always prayers Sabina

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Sabina, praying for you that you get good news. The 3-month wait must have been awful. Hugs.
Praying for you Sabina. Hugs!
Sending you prayers and hugs, Sabina. I hope they don't make you wait long for results.
You are in my thoughts and prayers, Sabrina.❤️
Praying all goes well for you.
I will! It sounds like it's not ca. But worse case scenario, it would be operable and that's what matters. You've had these nodes before and they disappeared. Presto! They're gone. Love you!
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Sending hugs, love, and prayers right back
Sabina, oncologist says "probably not cancer" is great news. Specialist felt a lump the size of his thumb on my mother. Three weeks later, ready for surgery, and it was gone, they found nothing, so it can, and it does happen where crud just goes away. I was thinking of you and our BFAC family on the long drive to work this morning. You know we're always right behind you, and you know Who's always beside you because of your faith.
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Prayers said. Remember you are the one who told me dont go there till you go and Jesus' light surrounding you. X
I carry you in my heart this day and always! Expecting good news!
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Sending up prayers for you, Sabina! Big, big hugs!
I pray and I send you light
I pray that everything is all right
I send you only love
Mine and all there is from above
I will hold my breath till we hear from you
I will hold my breath until I turn blue

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Will do, just said a prayer for you. Our Oncologist told us previously if the cancer comes back you will know before it shows up on your scan. And that in fact was true when my husband's re-occured. Hoping you have NO symptoms and No cancer. You go girl. Will wait to hear from you!
Hoping and praying for good results. Xo
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