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I saw the  pulmonologist and he said I have had this lymph node since 2011 and yes it did get bigger but I have other ones from the same time that also got smaller. He doesn't think its cancer but cannot tell me for sure. He said if it were him he would not do a biopsy at this time and that he would like me to come back in 3 months and do the test again. So I went with it.. I am thinking of getting a second opinion. When I had spoke to my cancer doc she thought I should get a biopsy.  I told him that but he still insisted he didn't agree. I had a terrible time getting there my truck acted like it was going to blow up .. when i went to get gas three people concurred it was a head gasket but said i could make it 25 miles.. It was a terrible drive but I wasn't missing that appointment... So now I am trying to figure out how to pay it... This truck is so old its always has something wrong with it.. So yesterdday I am thinking whether I am going to live and today its back to I need money..... and the beat goes on...and thats what life is all about... I am so happy that he feels it's not cancer and I still pray it isn't but I did skip when I left the office  I mean I really skipped... and I haven't done that in so long I don't remember . I came home and got on my knees and cried and thanked God because without him I never mentally physically or spiritually get through all this. Thankyou for your prayers they mean everything to me.. Prayers are most valuable . About 4 hours before I had to leave I had a peace inside me and I wasn't scared and my whole demeaner had changed.. I had put my faith in God and just went with it... It's so hard when you think omg could this be a recurrence?   Well, I am good for now and I pray I stay that way and keep praying for everyone here and keeping the faith that God knows best... Amen   hugs and love and always prayers Sabina

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Susan J threw a punch at your cancer.
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Well Sabina we go down this road many times, wondering if every little hiccup in our medical lives is a recurrance. If it was me I would have it biopsied just to be sure. When youve had it once your already on the probability scale. I would sleep and live better knowing its nothing. Rsther than hate myself later for not attending to it. Dont chance that beautiful smile going anywhere.
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Speaking of teeth I still have not been able to eat with mine. They left 6 in the lower front. If I had to do it again , I would of kept mine and just suffered with cavities... maybe... it’s not been good tho for eating.. I usually just wear the top ones and it’s actually changed the shape of my face. But good news I am alive😊🙏have a great day🍁🍂
May God give you
Peace like a river
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Hugs to you, my sweet friend. It is nerve wrecking when you have more than one doctor and get differing opinions. I hope this all turns out okay for you. Love and hugs!
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Hugs and blessings to you, Sabina.
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I remember that Sabina. You even had a node that disappeared completely upon later scan, correct? I'd go with that peace feeling you had; YOU KNOW when something isn't right, you just feel it in your......soul, I suppose. Ahhh yes, head gaskets. Those things ARE expensive. I was going to say maybe you could lease a regular car; but I realized you pretty much need a truck in upstate NY, gorgeous AND snowy. Would it be feasible to get rid of your truck and lease a truck? We started leasing 4 years ago and we've been happy. But we're pretty centrally located and mileage isn't a problem. Hmmmm, let me think.....
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It was my Mom who had a nodule that disappeared after me praying for 3 days at the Doug Stanton Revival. That was a miracle. I called my oncologist I am waiting for her to call me back:) I need to know what she thinks I should do.
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One Dr. wants you to wait 3 months then test again and your Oncologist wants a biopsy. So how about waiting 6 weeks see how you feel and if then you believe that you have the trust of your Oncologist have the biopsy. If you feel in your heart that what the Pulmonologist suggested after 6 weeks then wait the 3 months and get retested. Maybe give yourself a little time to think it out... Praying for you Sabina.... Although personally I would have a biopsy because with my anxiety I couldn't wait.
Thankyou I talked to the onc doc and she said the lung doc said it was a hard place to get a biopsy and its very small .. plus he doesn't think its cancer so she said we will wait 3 months... and in 2 months it wouldn't change much.. so i would have a better chance of knowing if it was getting bigger in 3 months...I also worry about them doing damage to my throat its so sensitive from radiation .. if it is cancer he said they would have to take the whole lung because of where its at... crazy sick thought.... my nerves are not good... at all..
Edited to say I see you did just that. Now you have a plan. I seem to always find peace when I know there's a plan. Hoping the same for you. xoxo

Sending you hugs and good thoughts. I have tons of nodules on my thyroid and we are doing watchful waiting on them, so it's definitely in some's school of thought. I think what I would do is repeat the info to your Onc and see what she says. If she disagrees, she should arrange for the biopsy. Hang in there. You know we all have your back. Always in my thoughts and prayers. xoxo
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thats what I did and she agreed with the lung doctor.I am still thinking about a 2nd opinion from a dif lung doc.
Thanks CJ My once said she would feel comfortable waiting... she feels she trusts his decision.. she said it is a very hard place to get at it and if it were to grown a better chance to get a biopsy as of now it would tak3 putting a ultra sound tip on it. He also said where it is if it is cancer the whole lung would come out but that where it is and to be cancer is 1 in 500 is what I thought I heard. Time goes by so fast .. my truck is broken down which leaves me in a bad disadvantage vantage.. I can get things accomplished when I have a vehicle otherwise I am stuck in the country. I keep praying to God for direction and help. So that be me. Hugs and love and always prayers sabina
*soft paw* Oh gee Aunty, what to do?? *frowns* I don't like the idea of a biopsy hurting your throat, but I also don't like the idea of you worrying for the next 3 months. I purray that in some way God shows you the path you should take .. He has you in the palm of His hand. Bless you. Hugs and nuzzles :*)
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Oh Sabina that must be so frustrating! Have trust in your onco but most importantly, trust your instincts! Keep praying! Always thinking of you.
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