CT Shows lymph node not right

So I had the CT done. They say they see a lymph node that was 9 and now it is 16  (one year later ) and they say 15 is normal.  She wants me to go to a pulminist to have a biopsy done... Anybody have any ideas? I have had a nodule in the other lung since 2011  nothing happened since. Could be weeks before I can get in to the doc. Hate this!

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Hi Sabina! Long time since we talked.
“Could be weeks” Beauregard I see a doc is unacceptable. Take your results and go to a oncologist STAR!
Don’t accept delays. As you know time is life. So barge in and get some answers. Ain’t about who your insurance covers, it’s about not wasting time.

You are in my prayers
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Thanks Jacques I know I want to get this done .. sooner the better. Thank you for your prayers. I pray in Jesus name the inflammation disappears and all is normal in Jesus name Amen.
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Thanks for your prayers as it turned out I got right in.. God is good! I stay close to him.
Indeed you are blessed. God bless you Sabina, I'm so happy for you 🙏!!!
Its so strange how the big C is never far away from your thoughts...for me anyway... I've never forgotten, and not a day goes by, or even a couple of hours go by, when I am not reminded of what I went through and could very well see happen again one day.
Celebrate and say your prayers :) A good day to be alive! 🙏
First, see your radiation oncologist, mine was much more aggressive than my oncologist when I had my first recurrence. I think a PET scan can do a lot to reveal if that node is “eating”. Find out who your local pulmonary doctor that works with Cancer patients is. Get your last two scans to their office (suggest hand carry) and make an appointment while you are there. If you need a referral, have them call your oncologist to get it. Finally, if the node is lateral find out who your local cardiothoracic surgeon is and get your last two scans to their office (hand carry).- make an appointment while you are there. They look for spiculation of the node (that’s fancy for tentacles) that usually indicate that node needs to come out.
Don’t be afraid to be aggressive. They work for you sister! Good luck and keep us posted!
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Thank you Michelle. I got the scans over to the pulmonary doc( not hand carried tho) they are supposed to have looked at them this afternoon. I am going to call in the morning. The referral is there already. Not sure what shape it is I know its been there a year and its grown... the ones who took the CT called it inflammation I have to get a copy of the report. I hope I can get in to see this doc fast. I can find out more when I see report. The oncologist called but i couldn't remember all she said other than it was a 9 now is a 16 and 15 is the cutoff to where they send me to a specialist and see what he thinks.. She said there is no way to know without a biopsy... or sit and wait another 3 months to see if it changes and she seemed to think biopsy be better. I hate waiting I just do.. My life gets consumed with this till i know whats happening and i hate it.. Oh well I will keep praying . My mom had a nodule that disappeared a few months back and this can too... so I will keep moving forward and trying to find out as much as I can because I liked to know if it is the worse what happens next.
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Thankyou Michele. I wow that’s a lot I get worried for one thing of hurting my throat it’s so sensitive,,, I would think the biopsy will be the only way to know if this is cancer,
Well I’ve had lung nodules 3 different times. The first was removed by a CT surgeon -it was cancerous, which we found out after it was removed. It had clean boundaries so no other treatments were required. The second time around the nodes were accesible by a pulmonary doc so I had them biopsied. They were cancerous but in an inoperable spot. So I had, as you know, chemo followed by targeted rads. That was 5 years ago. Now, I have a spot that is being monitored because they attempted a biopsy Via bronchoscope and could not navigate my scar tissue. So we opted to just watch the sucker. I will head back to Houston just before Thanksgiving. If that thing grows I will have to see a CT surgeon again. No one in my town is interested in operating on my scarred up lung, so any further procedures will take place in Houston.

It hasn’t been so awful as the first round of treatments for anal cancer, but it all sucks.

Love to you, get in touch any time!
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I am going to call my oncologist and give her this info and see what her feedback is.. The lung doc seems to think its not cancer and to wait 3 months, what do you think?
Michelle I wanted to talk to you sometime this week if i could I could call you if you have time.... let me know if this is a good time if not i truly understand hugs Sabina
I would be happy to talk to you anytime sister! Let’s get a time set up. I am a bit busy with work and have some Advocacy meetings this week but I have plenty of open time as well. Private message me and we will set up what works :)
Be aggressive and remember you are your own best advocate! Follow Michelle's suggestions. Prayers for a quick answer.
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Thank you for prayers I have read when you pray be specific.. So specifically I want this to disappear and go back to normal and stay that way in Jesus name amen... When two or more people pray Jesus is right there. Amen XO
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I stand in agreement with you, Sabina, amen.
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Sabina, I'm so sorry you now have this issue. I think the best advice has already been given and I really can't add to it. Be assertive and get an appointment with a specialist with the assistance of your current or past physicians. Do whatever it takes. You are in my thoughts and prayers and I am sending big virtual hugs! XOXO
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You are always in my prayers. Do what you need to accomplish getting your appointment with the right doctor. I’m praying for the right doctor to take care of you. Hugs and love.
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Thankyou Pam hugs and love and always prayers Sabina
Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers Sabina. Lots of good suggestions here. I agree with maybe engaging another Doctor on your team. Whoever can get the ball rolling. Please let us know what you find out. We're all thinking of you.xoxo
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