New Baby!

Hi Everyone

I hope you are all well. I pray for you every day. So sorry to hear about our friends passing....It really hurts my heart. Just been sitting here praying. I have had alot of health issues since my heart attack. One being I have no energy.. I spend alot of time in bed... I do what I have to do and it exhausts me. Last week went for my CT and no cancer thank God but they say I am not getting enough oxygen and want a CT of my lungs this week. Also said thyroid getting smaller and to increase levothyroxine.  I also had to go for ultra sound of my carotid artery to see when I will get a stent put in.... I had a stent put in the right side a few months ago. Every night I have been praying for 3 hours since January 11th.. It's a revival at the Josiahs Center in Michigan and I watch it on Facebook. It has given me spiritual strength and a miracle for my Mom who had a 2 cm nodule and after 3 days of praying its nothing but scar tissue left. She is doing as well as she can that rhuematoid arthritis is so bad and has her crippled terrible, please keep her in your prayers....Doug Stanton was the evangelist  for many months and now its back to Pastor Dave who is wonderful. The people are wonderful there.. its been so good for my soul.  I was blessed a few days ago with a new granddaughter... Danny and Myra had a baby! I was there for the birth along with Danny  and it was amazing.. I am still crying .. so happy...So keep me in your prayers and I will you and keep the faith God knows what he is doing.. love you all....hugs and love and always prayers Sabina

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Paws crossed for you, Aunty ... may the angels be keeping watch over you and your health problems be eased. Fabulous news of your mum. And welcome to the new burble! What amazing and miraculous times surround you - enjoy! Hugs :*)
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Hi Sabina, Gosh, it's so great to hear from you. I'd been worried about you. I'm so sorry about all the health issues you're having. I hope things improve for you.
A new grandbaby...what a blessing! God bless.
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You are always in my thoughts and prayers my friend. Praying for peace, health, and happiness for you always. xoxo
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Sending prayers! Hoping that they can help you!!
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PS: congratulations!!
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Congratulations on the new granddaughter! How exciting! I'm so glad your scan was good and I hope all of your other health issues are manageable. Take good care, my sweet friend!
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Hi Sabina haven't heard from you in a while a lot has happened with you. I hope and pray that in time you can gain your stamina back. Congratulations to you and your family with the beautiful baby. I have a Thyroid condition Dr. says it is probably from all the radiation and take levothyroxine also. Hope your next post has positive outcomes with all your tests and CT. Lost of Hugs my friend.
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I've missed you Sabina. I had no idea you were having problems and will pray for you. Sweet baby happy you are a grandma! She looks beautiful. I'll pray for energy for your need to be around for a long time. Hugs, Lisa
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Sorry to hear about your heart. I hope all goes well with putting the stent in. Congrats on the baby. so precious.
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Was just thinking about you and hoping you were ok. Sorry about your heart stuff. Your mom's miracle is amazing. CONGRATULATIONS on your granddaughter!
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Yea! A beautiful grandbaby! Hope the docs can find a program to help you regain your strength after the heart attack.
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So good to hear from you! Sorry that you have been struggling with your health so much...but congrats on that new grand baby!! Prayers each and every day!
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Congratulations on the baby! ☺️
Know that I’m praying for a full recovery for your mom and you.
God Bless You, 🙏🏼
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Praying for you Sabina! Congratulations on your new grandbaby, that is so exciting. God bless you and heal you and give you strength.
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It is good to hear from you. I pray for you. Please hang in there Sabina.
Alexa is such a doll.
May God heal you, strengthen you, and comfort you.
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Love the new baby addition 💕 RA can be so painful. Prayers for continued healing for you and your mother. There is so much they can do now for heart patients. I am glad to hear from you.
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As you may know, I don't spend 1/10 of the time here that I used to. (Remember the two--that I know of-- fakers, a few years ago? Yeah. My energy deflated)...ANYWAY!!
You had a heart attack!!!??? When? I guess I can read your blog.
I am glad you are still on this side if Heaven! Hugs and love to you. 🙏🙏🌴🌊🎵🎶🌹
Carol P.(AZ via WA)
Love you Carol! So good to hear from YOU! Yes I had a heart attack in November and also I have had a stent in my carotid artery and they are going to do the other side.. and now they will be redoing the CT for the lung in 3 months... all this from radiation I have been told..which years ago I remember Paul saying this and I was thinking oh I hope not me.... My anxiety goes up and down.. I am happy to be alive and I love God and and that's what makes me happy... I have my new granddaughter here with me and it's amazing I am 60 now and everything is more enjoyable when your living out of gratitude ..I hope your life is going great and I will say a special prayer for you hugs and love and always prayers Sabina
Sabina, how's that dear Grandbaby doing? Hope Grandma does better. I know 'Grey's Anatomy' is mostly fiction, but they showed a giant bus-sized hyperbolic oxygen chamber with big ole seats for a dozen 'passengers' - see if you can find a giant one like that- maybe that would really help you heal-up my friend!
I cant wait for 3 months and they say that lymph node disappeared... I am praying to God in Jesus name for that to happen! I didn't like that hbot I did it for 6 weeks... thank God i wasn't claustrophobic Hope all is well with you John hugs and love and always prayers Sabina
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