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No Cancer!

I am sitting here crying and so happy . The doctor just called and said no cancer, he said there is nothing to worry about ........... they did get enough tissue to know and he will see me in a year..thankyou for all your prayers, God is so good.........amen....hugs and love and always prayers...Sabina

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Oh Sabina, that is wonderful news! I know a great weight has been lifted! XX
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Sabina! Great news! So happy for you! Hugs!!!
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That great news made my day! (And your's too, no doubt) YES!
so happy for you. :)
So happy for you Sabina. Such great news.
OMG I am so very Happy for you!!!! I have been praying for you every single day! God is good! xoxoxo
Yay! Great news Sabina!!! xoxo Karen
I can’t ❤️❤️❤️ this enough!!!
Oh my gosh, I am so happy for you. I know the relief you are feeling. Cry, dance, do everything that helps you celebrate. Woohoo. Love.
Well do the happy dance Sabina -that's wonderful news and thanks for sharing your wonderful news with us! Enjoy your day, as I'm sure you will. MGBY, John
Much sweeter it doesn't often get
Such a relief more satisfying than paying off a debt
Lifting a weight up off your shoulders
Only a superhuman can easily lift boulders
Sounds like you got a guardian angel true
Who's whirling a force of love all around you
Now you can breathe and bathe in Spirit's delight
And be grateful with peace in your heart each day and night
Love and blessings
Fantastic news. Thanks for posting the awesome followup.
Prayers have been ANSWERED! I'm so happy for you. A great way to start a new year! Hugs!
You've made my day, Sabina! Soooooo happy for you! Big hugs. :)
Sabina, what a nice thing to hear this morning! I am so, so happy for you! I know you are feeling so much better knowing this! God has blessed you and may that continue! Take good care, my sweet friend!
What a great way to start a new year!
Take a walk. Sing out loud. Listen to the birds.
You’re okay!
Best news to hear!!!
So happy to read this news! Wonderful! Big hugs and kisses!
I haven't been on the site for a while, but what great news Sabina. So happy to read your update No Cancer!! Yippee and just fantastic and absolutely wonderful!!
Happy Birthday, Sabina. God Bless You.
Happy birthday week beautiful lady!🎉🎂🦄🎁🎈
Happy Birthday Sabina. Long time no hear from. Hope you are healthy and enjoy your day. Bless you my friend.
Thinking of you and hoping you are well
Happy birthday week beautiful lady!
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Back from the Doctor

He said he wants a biopsy. Whatever it is .. it has grown and he wants to find out... He mentioned if it is a carcinoid whether cancer or not it has to come out because 25% turn into cancer and you would have a chance of metasisis.  He said where it is he would have to take my upper or lower lung... I went to this appointment by myself and I swear I had bad vibes going in.. Even the doctor seemed like a downer... So I am not sure about any of this... I will most likely do some research now after i take a nap.. I am mentally spent. I love God so much I know his plans are for me and so nothing can be against me... That right there gives me peace in my mind when I want to freak out... We are all only human and natural to feel vulnerable especially when you've already been bitten.. none of this is fun... Keep the prayers coming please.... the biopsy is scheduled for next Monday... I pray I get a pass to not have any complications and I get to just live my life... You all are always in my prayers and I take pages out of your books and strengthen myself with your stories of bravery and perseverence and take the love and thank God I have had you all here for so many years.... hugs and love and always prayers Sabina

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Maybe you should consider getting a second opinion. I also had two lesions in my lung and my doc was able to remove them with minimally invasive video assisted surgery. Where in NY are you? Are you close to NYC? My surgeon was at Sloan Kettering
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Jane, that's exactly what I was going to suggest to Sabina; get a good night's rest THEN get a SECOND OPINION, especially if they can do a minimally invasive; that's 'just what the doctor ordered' - no pun intended! Sabina- take 'reinforcements' with you on your second opinion so they can help you ask the questions on 'your list'. Okay? MGBY,

Papa John
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wow I am so glad for you.. I am in upstate ny Binghamton area..I have to see if i can get a second opinion at sloan with my insurance. Thankyou.
THanks John going to do the needle biopsy then if they want anymore i will get another opinion.. i am looking into it already tho to be prepared
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Yes, minimally invasive is the name of the game now. When they were talking about surgically removing the mass in my father's lung they made noises about taking out the top half of the lobe. I jumped right on the internet and Johns Hopkins (we are in Baltimore) does the minimally invasive surgery as well. If they are talking about removing a whole part of your lung please get a second opinion before you do anything. I'm keeping you in my prayers, Sabina. Big hugs from Baltimore!!
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Sabine, I just have a feeling this is all going to be okay...a second opinion is probably warranted?
As a woman of faith we don't always understand why we have to fight these battles but we have assurance that our Lord has already won the war. Praying for good outcomes and peace. Please update us when you can.
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Thanks Sara and what you say is so true... thankyou for your prayers .. i know i was asking why ... but i know God has a plan and I will continue with love in my heart for God who knows all.. Amen.
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You are right about "once bitten...". That is natural, but please put that behind you. Nobody knows God's plan. Nobody can predict the future. There'd be a lot more richer people if they could. Keep the faith.

You have my prayers always Sabina.
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I may be blue holding my breath for you but when that's required that's what I'll do
I will keep you in my prayers and my thoughts both day and night
And hope that everything turns out all right
Whatever happens even if push comes to shove
You are already filled with spirit's almighty love

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thankyou Neal so sweet of you
Good grief, where have I been? Missing in action! I would have to echo all the sentiments written before and pray that things will come out fine. They will. Keep the faith. Lots of love being sent your way, you are in my prayers!
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Your words are so sweet. Here you are facing unknown circumstances and you are comforting us and praising god. You are a special kind of wonderful. I will continue to pray for you and send positive energy your way. May god bless you.
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Sabina I am sorry that you are going tbrough this! My gut instinct is telling me this will alll be ok and non cancerous and I will pray that I am right. Hugs to you!
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THankyou so much!
Xoxo Sweet Sabina
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*soft paw* You are in our thoughts, Aunty. Close your eyes and feel the love surrounding you; you are a Child of the Universe, the stuff stars are made of, stronger than you believe and more precious than you can imagine. Yes, whatever happens, you don't walk alone. Sending you healing energy and pawsitive vibes .. and of course, hugs :*)
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I saw your first request on my way out the door, to work. Good title, 'cause I didn't read your note, but Ibknew you needed extra prayers-- I did just that, whole driving and again, at lunch.
Your second note (this one) could not be better sstated. We can only take one day at a time, one trial at a time (some times, THOSE things get piled a bit heavy!!), and take comfort that there is a bigger plan.
You will HAVE to have someone with you for the biopsy... Sabrina, in the future, if you feel bad juju before an apt., please try to have someone with you. Mostly, I went alone. But, there were times I wanted someone with me for moral support.
Love you and HUG! Hug! Hug!!

Carol P.
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Carol I just love you so much! Thankyou for praying for me.. I get so tensed up... My oncologist called today and she said when she read the report it was stable but wants me to have the biopsy so we can be sure its not cancer.. I said to her what about the nodule if it is a carcinoid. She said i have had it so long we would watch it, if it was to grow and not put me thru having my lung out.. so I felt better. Other than that I was calling the heart doc and the carotid artery doc who put the stents in... all do not want me to stop my aspirin.. so i won't. but i will stop the plavix. Surgery will be an hour and I go home... hope it doesn't make me breathe bad after or hurt my throat...your prayers mean so much to me.. I feel I will be better because of them.. Thankyou for caring.. hugs and love and always prayers Sabina Next Monday at 230 I go.
Sabina, I think the idea of getting a second opinion is a good one. However, if that is not possible, you and all of us who support you must have faith in your doctors. Lots of prayers are definitely surrounding you. Your faith and the faith of friends will get you through this. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I believe in you and the strength within you. Big, big hugs and lots of love.
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Martha thankyou so much Your prayers mean everything to me.. How is your Mom? Mine is in alot of pain but she is hanging in there.. I love her so much and she helps me go through all of this. I feel so fortunate to have her. Second opinion will come after the biopsy if he says i have to have anything invasive done. but i am preparing for it
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Sabina, you are very sweet to ask about my mom. She is about the same, but we are doing the best we can. I'm sorry to hear your mom is in so much pain. It is hard to see a parent suffer. I'm glad you'll be getting a second opinion before having any surgery. I continue to think all good thoughts for you and will be keeping you in my prayers. Take good care, my sweet friend.
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Many prayers coming your way!
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Praying for you Sabina. I am praying Phillipians 4 for you. God bless you. And I support your getting a second opinion if you can. 🙏
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Prayers for strength and wisdom. Do get another opinion after the biopsy and take a second set of ears with you. Hugs for reassurance.
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Yes! 4 ears are better!
I will pray that all of this goes smoothly for you and that you get your wish, to have your life; without pain, without complications, with as little stress as possible. Keep the love from your people here in your heart. You are not alone.
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Thankyou Regina big hugs and love and always prayers
Danny will go with you, I know you probably don't want to ask because of taking care of Alexis. But you know he loves his Mom too.
SABINA!! Maybe Roswell for a second opinion? You've always been tx'ed well there.
I called there and now they say they are out of my insurance network that Rochester would be the place to go.. Tomorrow I get the biopsy and will know more in a few days what I need to do next XO Thankyou!
Hi Sabina. I just saw your post here. I hope this turn out to be a false alarm. You have been cancer free for a long time right? More than 5 years. I know my bout was 5 years ago and you had already finished your treatment at the time...if memory serves. If a recurrence were going to have happened, wouldn't it have been several years ago, at the latest? Praying for you that this is just the doctors being extra cautious with you and it turns out to be nothing bad.
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