My new me!

My new me!

Time stands still for no one and one minute things are awful but time changes in a blink of an eye.. I am almost done with these teeth issues. Amen! Love you guys! Always praying and thankful!

Susan J threw a punch at your cancer.
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So pretty!!
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Thankyou Sara.. I woke up looking like an old woman and I actually was laughing at myself.. then got out my makeup:)
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You are so stunning you should be a model in a magazine! PRETTY WOMAN! Glad you are doing fine. Keep it up!
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Donna thankyou.. and I think you should be a model! gorgeous as you are! I wish I could lose some weight. I did and now with the heart attack I gained 5 pounds which was heading in the right direction.. I hope not being able to eat solid food will help. How are you? I hope your doing well.. we have come a very long way together , haven't we? hugs and love and always prayers my friend:)
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OK, we will both be models! lol. Yes, we have come a long way. I am doing fine, 3 1/2 years out now, still on 6 month recalls but hanging on and exercising, eating OK, just suffer from some headaches and eczema from the radiation but for the most part life is good. Keep up with your good spirits! Hugs and love back at ya and oh, yes, those prayers too, I pray a lot for everyone on this blog!
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You are beautiful
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You are gorgeous Sabrina. What a cure contagious smile. You go girl!
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Wow! You look fantastic, Sabina!!

Was having it done as bad as you thought it would be?
Thank you Mari.I think it was probably better than most. I had alot of pain, but I have had alot of pain in my life which makes me a better manager I think. I was burned so bad with radiation that nothing can compare. I get scared before any operation because I don't ever want the pain I had before. That puts a fear in me and I have to really pray to God to get through it. Once I am in "it" I endure really well and do my best to mask any resemblance of what has happened to me. It was a shock to see me without teeth last night and sad. I am just going to move forward and try to make my new normal as fast I can... thank you for supporting me my friend hugs and love and always prayers :)
Another beautiful picture. Sounds like you are feeling better. Praise God!
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I like them! You will be able to chew much better too. You look so pretty!
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Hi Sabina, it so good to hear from you again, especially when you are glowing! God bless you! Prayers & Hugs for a wonderful NED 2018!🙏🍷 As for me... still around, & about to go before the judge and get another six month check-up. Hopefully the jury will come back with another NED, lol. This Feb 8th 2018 will be the 10 year anniversary when I woke up to the words "You have Cancer" following a 5 ½ hour radical neck dissection surgery. We are the lucky ones.... definitely blessed! :)
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Jacques It is so good to hear from you.. I know I am 6 years out the last day of 2017 was my last day of radiation. We are blessed.I will be praying for you. I didn't know it goes on for 10 years getting checked. I think that's good. Gives peace of mind nothing is creeping up. I just could hug you so tight.. It's unreal how the computer brings people together to support each other and bonds us, that will last a lifetime and beyond..Thank you for sharing your journey with me and supporting mine... hugs and love and always prayers:)
Thank you Sabina. Indeed we are blessed in this journey called Life. As for the 10 year mark, sadly there is no such thing as being cured, or home free or otherwise. Best we can hope for is NED "No Evidence of Disease"...Sobering reminder, is my friend Robin, who was treated for breast cancer 12 years ago. Two years before I joined the club in 2008. A decade of cancer free. Then shortly after her 10th anniversary of C, out of the blue, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 inoperable breast cancer. It had metastasized pretty much through out her body. She is still fighting. A new type of immuno therapy seemed to work well for her, for the last year and a half. However things have gone down hill as she is doing chemo. She is in my prayers. The best we can hope for is NED, and then to enjoy the here and now! Carpe Diem as my Dad used to say. And hugs, love and prayers to you! Stay strong. God bless you,🙏💖 Jacques
Not only are you beautiful, stunning - and all those other also radiate sweetness, love and strength, Sabina. Whatever you're doing....keep on doing it! XO
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You are stunning. Hugs Annabelle
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Thankyou ..Hugs you right back! XO
Sabina, you are stunning as always. So nice to hear from you and glad that you're almost done!! xoxo
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Thankyou CJ.. Its been a long time coming ..I pray your issues have calmed down and you are getting peace.. I think of you and pray and I know you have had a hard journey and your upbeat uplifting spirit really does help me in mine...God bless you my friend hugs and love and always prayers:)
Wow! This hair style really suits you.
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Thankyou I just cut it myself..:)Hope all is well with you Jane:) hugs and love and always prayers:)
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Glamour Puss! :)
lol you make me laugh Merrill.. my beautiful birthday twin! XO
Aunty, you are beautiful inside and out .. your sweet soul shines out of your eyes and your smile brightens the world. It is such a relief to read that you are almost through this *soft paw* You are bravery personified and an inspiration to us all. Keep smiling! xx :*)
thankyou and love you XO
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you look amazing! so happy you are in a good place. You deserve it!!!!
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Hi Jana Thankyou.. Its been hard not having my own teeth . I am still working on having them in my mouth. I haven't eaten anything yet with them. The glue is terrible. Keep your teeth as long as you can. This is just another adjustment and I am sure after awhile it will get normal... smiles..Hope your doing well my friend It actually felt like spring here today in upstate NY:) big hugs and love and always prayers Sabina
Hey do i see a Movie Star? You look great my friend hope all is well with you just popped in to make sure everything is still fine but from your picture no need to answer. Smile because your still a hot dish.
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Thanks Todd Hope all is well you to! hugs and love and always prayers Sabina
You are beautiful
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