Susan J threw a punch at your cancer.
Thomas, Laura sent you a hug.
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Hi Lori.. same old same old.. Not! It's always I can't wait to get this over. Hope all is well with you my friend ! XO
Everything here is good! You will be fine. Just keep telling yourself that. God is good!
Glad to hear it,God id good I go back to the dentist tomorrow for adjustments so we will see... big hugs XO
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Hey Janay Hpw have you been? I am up its 3:35am , in pain trying to get some pain meds to help. Its a process and will take time.. going to the dentist at noon for an adjustment.
No fair posting photos from 20years ago :)
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Your so funny.. I was just saying i hope I lose weight getting my teeth out.. The heart medicine has made me gain weight.. Hope all is well with you John I pray for you and yours.. make sure you say a prayer for me that I don't have much pain.. I hate pain! thankyou hugs and love and always prayers :)
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I will say a prayer for you- as none of us likes pain (at least I hope not) - as far as weight? yes, having mushy food for a week will definitely 'help' with weight loss. The oral surgeon technology has grown leaps and bounds better in just the last 10 years. I had to have an extraction, a whiff of funny gas, and honest to gosh, it was less than 15 seconds, maybe 10 seconds tops! I was like, that's it? It took longer to numb me up! When the numbness wore off, the only thing sore was my jaw from propping my mouth wide open. So I hope that you get some twilight gas or something to help chill you out and that it goes quickly, smoothly, and for minimal pain. Get some chipped ice packs for your cheeks, and you'll do fine. MGBY, John
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They put me to sleep John... it's almost 4 am and I took my pain meds but still in pain... thankyou John always for your support, your the best. I really hope things are going well for you and I am saying a prayer right now.. tomorrow will be a better day.. hugs and love and always prayers Sabina
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You are beautiful, inside and outside. May God be with you.
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Hi Joyce Hope all is well with you my friend:)
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Yes, Sabrina, I am doing okay. On January 28th, it has been 24 years since my 1st cancer so I am so thankful to still be here and doing as well as I am. Praise God !!! I will be praying for all to go well for you. I have had a partial upper denture for almost 60 years and I feel strange without it. I pray it will be easy for you to get accustom to them. Are they planning to pull them all at one time or a few at the time? If the denture bother you, just keep going back until they get them adjusted properly. Take care and hang in there.
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I am in so much pain I wonder what I can take .. I already take aspirin for the heart atatck
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Sabina, I am not good with pain either. I keep a narcotic pain medication called Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen with me all the time. It is made up of 500 mg of Acetaminophen (same as Tylenol) and 5 mg Hydrocodone. It requires a prescription and it is habit forming so you only need to take it during moderate to severe pain attacks. I have had bad teeth since I was a child and have had lots of tooth aches over the years and I have taken it off and on for years when I had tooth aches, gout or any severe pain. It has never bothered me or reacted to any of my medications. I had my heart muscle damaged from chemo in 1994 and have been on the 81 mg aspirin, a heart medication and a blood thinner (because of blood clots) all these years. I also have Afib. Your dentist should be able to give you this pain killer if he will. If he doesn't want to, ask your doctor. My doctor knows I don't abuse it and I have no trouble getting refills from him when I need them. Tooth aches are terrible pain and you really need something stronger to help you through this. Let me know how you get along. I care. I will be praying for God to help you get through this. Love and hugs.
They took all the top ones out. I go back tomorrow for them to adjust i guess. It feel thick in the top of my mouth but my tongue goes smooth on it. Not sure but it doesn't feel natural.
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Geeeeee.... you don't look a day over 29....... Hot... Hot... Hot
Thanks Neal lol
Good to see you sweetie, looking gorgeous!
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Hi Tyndall good to hear from you! How are you? Staying busy I am sure... XO
I am volunteering more, helping others is good therapy! Keeping busy and fighting weight gain :)
Tyndall, I am going to get serious about losing weight I was doing good until I got on all this heart meds and blood pressure and cholesterol and thyroid... I have gained 5 pounds just like that. all i am eating is yogurt pudding oatmeal blueberries and strawberries and little bites of chicken here and there and a shrimp or two.. that's been my diet since the heart attack. What if any secret do you have your trying?
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Thank you Martha.. How have you been.. How is your Mom. Mine just had a scare with her lung but it turned out scar tissue thank God.. She seems to be in brighter spirits.... I just love her.. I wish I could take care of her but that's not going to happen..If she feels better i will bring her to the house and that would be nice, Right now I am concentration on these teeth extractions and them I have some carotid arteries that need to be cleaned... always something...let me know how you are big hugs XO God bless you and yours.
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Hi Sabina! You are so sweet to ask about my mom. She is about the same. She had a bad cold right before Christmas, but is fine now. I am hanging in there. I'm sorry your mom was sick too, but so glad she is doing better. I hope all of your dental work goes well. I will be thinking of you today. Big hugs!
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Sabina you look stunning! Xx. Nice to here and see you..
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Thankyou... Hi Kevin How have you been? Have you been playing with your band? Hope all is well with you XO
No I have not been able to get back in a band, the radiation did a number on the throat along with the saliva issues but I can live with it as long as I am well and continue to be NED can't believe it was 5 years at this time when I began treatments January 14th. I have some problems but they are the new normal and I do from time to time sit it with old band mates and do a handful of songs just can't do 40 a night to do it in a group. Good luck with all that's coming up for you. Until next time. Xx.
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That's so good 5 years I am 6 years last Dec 31st. I still have problems with swallowing and saliva. I am going to have a throat stretch. The heat attack was unexpected. On my CT scan it did say atherosclerosis. Make sure you look at your CT scans for those kind of words and I wish I did an had been looked at. I also have 2 carotid arteries blocked I have to get done and its from the radiation. Make sure you get these looked at especially now you being out 5 years. They don't tell you that.. So 2 things check your heart and your carotid arteries for sure. Everyone who had radiation to the head or neck needs to be vigilant at knowing exactly with check ups whats happening in those places. You don't want to have a heart attack to find out or a stroke. I bet its warm where you are. Its been snowy and cold.. hate it.. One ear I am going to Florida for a vaca. My friend said he found a place for 40.000 looking for someone to split it with him, To much for me.:)
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what a beautiful picture of you. Hope you're feeling good! Love u!
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I am back and I am in so much pain wondering what would be the best pain reliever.
Beauteous. And John, I KNOW!!!!! She's like one month younger than me and LOOKS 20 YEARS younger than me!! She's beautiful. Not that you're concerned about how the new teeth will look, but they are so natural looking these days. And as far as eating/taste, I don't hear anyone complain anymore. Of course, we of the HNC are used to taste interruptions. They'll look nice and best of all, no more pain, breaking off, rough edges, etc.😘
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Marcia thankyou I have been trying get you.. let me know what happened:)
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I wrote to you in messages.
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Stunning, Sabina! Inside and out!
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Thankyou Stefanie.. just in pain now and hoping by tomorrow it feels better,, how have you been?
Oh gosh, I'm so sorry to hear that you are still in pain. Is there anything they can do to make you more comfortable?
We are doing fine, just tired of this cold weather! Makes dreaming about summer vacation more fun I guess. Take care, Sabina. I will pray for your continued healing.
Sabina! It’s great to see your beautiful face! I hope it all goes well for you. Lots of love ❤️ xoxo
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Hi Maridel How are you my friend.. Thankyou for the nicest compliment, I am up its 339 am and in pain I know it will get better.... What have you been doing?
You are so pretty!
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Cherie It's so good to see you makes my heart smile.. I miss seeing you and I pray you are doing well.. Are you ok? Thank you for the compliment. I am up late here in pain and I have been putting baby oragel on and taking pain meds.. I think i will lay down now and try again, tomorrow i go to the dentist for an adjustment.. I will ttyl.. XO
Hi Sabina, I am doing fine. I don't post updates anymore on myself because I feel I have nothing important or interesting to say. There are so many inspirational writers on here that I am intimidated. Lol. However, I do try to make comments on other people's posts. My daughter got married in May 2017 and lives close by with her husband. That makes me very happy. Hope you are feeling less pain. You are in my prayers.
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Well, hello beautiful! It's hard to believe that you are in so much pain when you look so radiant. I am sorry that you are having to go brought all this. I am sure your new teeth will look beautiful as they have come very far in technology in the teeth area. Will be thinking of you today.
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Sabina - you are absolutely amazing. With all that is going on with you, you take so much care and time to ask about all of us here. You have such a loving nature. I am well, and busy as ever. We are in Northern California about an hour south of the Napa/Sonoma fires. They were terrible and our air quality was affected for about a week with schools closing and school sporting events cancelled. It was really surreal. I keep thinking about all the ash in the air being parts of peoples lives! Such a tragedy. It will be years before a return to normal for their community.
I'm glad you're feeling better. You could've fooled me because you look terrific! Sending you bag and hugs and love. Daisy
Hi Daisy and thankyou.. How are you and how is it where you are.. Cali has had so much turmoil, I hope your ok. I pray whenever I see the news. My mouth is feeling better but I know it will take time.. I always have the next thing to worry about .. i swear its a roller-coaster ride. I am so grateful to be alive and for all the wonderful people who have supported me 6 years now like you:) XO... hugs and love and always prayers Sabina
You are lovely. Inside and out!
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Hi Sue How have you and your man been.. Time does fly.. but some things stay the same.. like the feeling of closeness I have with you . I talked about endure and you and your man are the leaders in endurance. I just don't know of a love more than you except when I think of God.. I just feel you emulate that kind of love with all you do and share and that your just amazing. Isn't this the best place you ever found on the net. I don't know how I would have come through these past 6+ years.. I am feeling better today and the dentist said I am healing well. I am so relieved to have this almost behind me.. I have 3 more teeth and a bridge for the bottom. Can you believe I had a hear attack? I have some carotid arteries have to be done ..I go back in a few months and they will let me know .. I could have had them done already but he gave me a choice and I said wait because I was feeling weak and he said didn't really make that much of a difference. I will post when I am getting it done.. I don't go through anything without everyone here.. love you Sue .. keep me posted how you are... hugs and love and always prayers XO
Wow!! Beautiful!
My prayers are with you... right before my heart attack I had some cortisone shots in my hips and the pain was terrible... but then I had the heart attack and the hip pain went away or I was to preoccupied with thinking I was going to die. Since then my hips have been good but it was terrible pain to live with. You are in my prayers.. its been freezing here in NY but we are getting a reprieve the next few days:).. stay warm:) hugs and love and always prayers Sabina
Stay warm as Winter there looks brutal this year. I am glad to hear the cortisone shots helped.
Thank you Laura.. Hope your feeling better.. I have had a hard time with fatigue since I had my heart attack and I wish I had an answer for it . I started drinking tea and that has helped. I know its from the high blood pressure meds. Did you ever find something that worked for your fatigue? hugs and love and always prayers :).
I am still working on the fatigue issue. I am back at PT for anal incontinence along with hip/joint issues. I do feel part of my issue is diet/bowel related as I have problems with chronic bowel issues. Although, I am in Georgia I believe anywhere near the equator would be a relief as the past cold fronts have hit us and family in northern Florida. I am sorry for any pain you are in. I know you will be glad to get ahead of the game in the coming year. Hugs!!
You really look wonderful! And so pretty. :)
Thankyou CJ :) Hope all is well with you my friend hugs and love and always prayers Sabina
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